HKO heat protection products

HKO heat protection products

HKO-group with about 200 employees worldwide is one of the leading suppliers of high performance products in three areas of expertise: thermal insulation, high-temperature sealings and fire and heat protection.

HKO family of technical textiles ranges from narrow textiles, fabrics, needle mats and 3D moulded components to custom-made fabric solutions. The extensive and innovative finishing, coating and lamination solutions are the result of extensive research and product development work that has put HKO products at the forefront of the industry. This means that HKO products, which are designed for temperature ranges from 350°C to around 1.600°C, are products that customers can trust.

Product program:

  • Fabrics / knitted fabrics
  • Needle mats / molded parts
  • High temperature sealings
  • Coatings
  • Laminations


  • Automotive
  • Ship-building
  • Power plants / turbine insulation
  • Welding
  • Aluminium production
  • Building / construction