About Us

OOO Technopragma was originally founded in 2008 as an innovative equipment and components distributor. We have a wide network of partners, which helps extend value to our customers. We have built strong relationships, which allow us to create more opportunities. At Technopragma, the success of our customers and our suppliers are linked, and we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with both.  

Technopragma’s mission is to be the global partner today and tomorrow of industrial users of material handling and processing equipment by providing the best technology, quality and service for their specific project.

We offer custom products to a wide array of industries. The company proposes the best technical solutions to optimize capital, productivity, operating and maintenance costs, and product quality. Our growth is based upon a commitment to quality products and services.

Our sales managers, representatives and engineers collaborate with our customers to understand their equipment and systems needs, project requirements, time frames and budgets. We then create the best solution for achieving our customer’s goals.

Contact us now to explore the potential business opportunities. Our entire team is committed to service customers with integrity, reliability and pride. ​


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